Toyota and e-mobilio extend successful cooperation

Press release, February 8, 2024

Clear signal pro electromobility

Munich, February 8, 2024

Toyota Germany and e-mobilio extend their successful collaboration. With e-mobilio's e-purchase advisor, Toyota continues to offer its retail partners and their customers an outstanding purchasing experience via a holistic digital electric mobility solution. This covers both a 360-degree consultation for all aspects of electric mobility and perfect fulfillment.

The transition to electromobility presents customers, car manufacturers and car dealers with huge challenges. The complexity of the topic in particular, with many complementary but inseparable issues such as charging solutions, installation, photovoltaics and GHG quotas, brings with it completely new requirements.

Toyota and Lexus are using e-mobilio's e-purchase advisor across the board with their retail partners in Germany. By continuing its collaboration with e-mobilio, Toyota is taking a consistent approach to electromobility and setting an important benchmark for the company's Kanzen approach as well as a comprehensive and uniform customer journey. Under Kanzen, the Group bundles all products and services that make it as easy and convenient as possible for customers to switch to electric mobility. For example, customers can use the e-purchase advisor on the website or in sales talks at dealerships to find the ideal e-mobility package consisting of vehicle, charging solution, installation, etc. – simply, quickly and safely.

”The collaboration with e-mobilio has more than proven itself over the past two years and offers our customers an all-round carefree package for electric mobility that takes all individual needs into account. This creates trust with the customer, who receives all aspects of electric mobility from a single source,“ comments Mario Köhler, COO & Commercial Director at Toyota Germany.

The e-purchase advisor 2.0 at Toyota:

Contact for press enquiries:

Klaus Burgmair, e-mobilio GmbH

+49 176 57620559

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