Employee portal

Managing charging processes
Option to order wallboxes, installation checks and more
Useful information on all aspects of e-mobility

With the e-mobilio employee portal, you can offer your team a one-stop shop for their business e-mobility. Your employees get access to useful tips on charging their electric company car, reimbursement of charging costs and much more. This way, we not only make it easier for your employees to switch to electric mobility, but also for you to plan and implement the charging infrastructure.

The employee portal offers your employees these benefits and services

With our employee portal, you can offer your employees a user-optimised tool with which they can quickly and easily find exactly the solutions they need.

Charging electric company cars:

Everything you need to know about charging at home, on site and on the road

 Information on charging at home and billing the charging current


 Upload electricity contracts for the reimbursement of charging electricity costs


 e-mobilio billing portal: View charging invoices and reimbursement credits and maintain billing data


 e-mobilio charging app: Digital partner to the classic charging card; shows charging stations in the vicinity and enables the charging process to be started via app

e-mobilio shop: 

Everything for the electric company car – from the wallbox to the company charging card

 Charging stations: Possibility to order a suitable wallbox – tailored to your individual needs and your wallbox policy, certified and compatible with your company's business vehicle billing system


 Installation check: Appointment for an installation check via video or on site as well as the option to book a professional installation


 Charging cards: This gives your employees access to over 500,000 public charging points throughout Europe

e-mobilio knowledge

Everything your employees need to know about e-vehicles

 Subsidies: Useful information and further links to current subsidy programmes relating to electric mobility


 Technology: Everything you need to know about the technical details of an electric car

Benefit from our highly efficient process for planning and implementing the charging infrastructure for your employees.

Charge4Business: Electrify your company sites

With our Charge4Business consulting package, we develop a scalable and future-proof charging concept based on your requirements that optimally fulfils your individual needs. Based on the determined needs and technical conditions, we design efficient implementation strategies for high-quality charging solutions for you.

e-mobilio billing backend system: automated, transparent

All charging processes can be transparently recorded and automatically billed using our customised software solution and associated charging card. Thanks to an app, your employees also have an overview of all charging data and can easily find suitable charging options nearby.

The e-mobilio billing backend system is also technology-open and compatible with common charging stations from various manufacturers, for example by using the OCPP 1.6 interface or higher (note: the e-mobilio billing system now also supports OCPP 2.0.1).

You, as a fleet manager, have all charging processes immediately available, as these are automatically forwarded to your company's billing system.

The OCPP 2.0.1 standard offers you these advantages:

  • Security: All data is transmitted securely and protected between the charging station and the platform. 
  • Flexibility: Thanks to intelligent load control and Vehicle to Grid (V2G), charging processes are optimised to match demand and the electricity grid. 
  • Convenience: Every user can rely on a smooth charging experience. 
  • Future: OCPP 2.0.1 is future-proof and therefore equipped for the upcoming innovations and requirements of the e-mobility market.

Fleet2E: Electrify your fleet

With our Fleet2E consulting package, we plan the electrification of your fleet based on your requirements and objectives.

Offer your employees real added value with our employee portal

Would you like to make it easier for your employees to charge their electric company car at home, on the road or at their workplace, or do you have any questions? Contact us directly and get your personalised offer at top conditions. Simply fill out the contact form and our team will get in touch with you shortly for a personal discussion.

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