Long-term cooperation between Kia Germany and

Press release, April 18, 2024

All-round carefree packages for electromobility

Munich, April 18, 2024

Kia Germany and e-mobilio have agreed on a long-term collaboration in the field of electromobility. Since the beginning of April, Kia Germany has been offering customers and retail partners a comprehensive electromobility solution in the form of the e-mobilio e-purchase advisor, which covers all other aspects of electromobility in addition to electric cars – from charging technology and installation to public charging, photovoltaics, GHG quotas and many other services.

Kia Germany is consistently pursuing its path towards electromobility. The provider of sustainable mobility solutions already has various purely battery-powered models and is systematically expanding its portfolio. The range is set to grow to 15 dedicated electric vehicles worldwide by 2027. However, a successful e-transformation requires far more than just attractive vehicles. The complexity of the topic with many complementary areas such as charging solutions, charging tariffs, installation, GHG quota, photovoltaics and electricity tariffs brings with it completely new requirements for consulting. In addition, customers expect smooth fulfillment of all required e-components in the transition to the mass market. 

Thanks to the 360-degree ecosystem of e-mobilio and the associated e-purchase advisor, Kia Germany has been providing complete advice and fulfillment for all key products and services from the entire world of electromobility since the beginning of April. The comprehensive e-mobility solution is used both on the company's own website and at all participating Kia dealers as well as in personal sales talks.

Christoph Schloss, Jan Böckmann, Ralph Missy

“The collaboration with e-mobilio is an important part of our focus on electromobility. Our participating and licensed dealers and partners offer their customers an all-round carefree package for electric mobility. In five minutes, every customer can find exactly the e-mobility package that suits their individual needs,” explains Jan Böckmann, Director Customer Experience at Kia Germany.

Denis Reichel, Co-Founder of e-mobilio, adds: “Consulting and fulfillment play a decisive role in the market ramp-up of electric mobility in order to provide customers with an EV package that meets their needs. Together with Kia Germany, we will cover the entire EV customer journey for all Kia customers and partners in the future. We would like to thank Kia Germany for their trust. This partnership paves the way for a holistic and scalable future of electromobility.“ 


The e-purchase advisor at Kia:

Contact for press enquiries:

Klaus Burgmair, e-mobilio GmbH


+49 89 2555556-52

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