Perfect synergies: cooperation between e-mobilio and Rabot Charge

Press release, March 5, 2024

Electromobility simple and affordable

Munich, March 5, 2024

e-mobilio and Rabot Charge are launching a cooperation from the beginning of March 2024, expanding their offering to include the services of the respective partner. From now on, Rabot Charge's dynamic electricity tariff will be another important component of e-mobilio's 360-degree ecosystem. In return, Rabot Charge will offer an all-round carefree service in the form of e-mobilio's e-purchase advisor, making it easier for drivers to switch to electric mobility and offering them an optimal overall e-mobility solution.

Thanks to the integration of the dynamic, digital and ecological electricity tariff from Rabot Charge, e-mobilio will be adding another important component to its 360-degree offer for electromobility from March. Electric car drivers are particularly affected by high electricity costs due to their greatly increased electricity requirements. However, EV drivers can flexibly reschedule their charging sessions to take advantage of low-price phases on the electricity market. There, electricity purchase prices regularly fall sharply and often even below zero. Rabot Charge passes on these favourable prices to end customers in its tariffs and enables them to start charging processes automatically when electricity prices fall during the course of the day. This allows EV drivers to save on electricity costs.

f.l.t.r.: Ralph Missy, Jan Rabe, Denis Reichel

“The electricity prices for charging an electric car are a significant cost factor. With the dynamic electricity tariffs from our partner Rabot Charge, they can recharge their electric cars precisely when the electricity exchange prices are particularly favourable during the course of the day and thus save significantly on electricity costs,” comments Denis Reichel, Co-Founder of e-mobilio. “e-mobilio and Rabot Charge are the perfect match. With a dynamic and ecological electricity tariff, driving an electric car becomes even more attractive. By integrating Rabot Charge into our e-purchase advisor, our partners from the car trade can pass on the new offer and its benefits directly to their private and commercial customers,” adds Ralph Missy, Co-Founder of e-mobilio.

The partnership with e-mobilio is an important milestone for Rabot Charge and electric car drivers. By combining our services, we are not only making electromobility easy, but also affordable, paving the way for more climate-friendly mobility,“ explains Jan Rabe, CEO of Rabot Charge. 


The electricity tariff service from Rabot Charge at e-mobilio:

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